Interactive Modelica Library
Virtual-Lab Implementation with Modelica
  Carla Martín-Villalba
  Departamento de Informática y Automática, UNED
  Juan del Rosal 16, 28040 Madrid, Spain


Interactive Modelica library facilitates the development of virtual-labs with high performance and graphic quality using only the Modelica language. The predefined components of Interactive facilitate the description in the Modelica language of the virtual-lab view and the model-to-view communication. This description automatically generates the C++ code of the virtual-lab interactive interface and the model-to-interface communication. This C++ program uses the VTK, Qt and Qwt libraries. In addition, the library supports including the virtual-lab documentation as a set of HTML pages.

Figure 1: Interactive Modelica library: a) general structure; and classes within the following packages: b) Containers; c) Drawables; d) InteractiveControls; and e) BasicElements.
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On-line Documentation
Examples of Use
  How to execute these examples: readme.txt
Virtual-labs Description
 hearExchanger.rar Double-pipe heat exchanger.
 tank.rar A simple one tank system.
 bouncingBall.rar Bouncing ball .

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