VirtualLabBuilder Modelica Library
Virtual-Lab Implementation with Modelica
  Carla Martín-Villalba
  Departamento de Informática y Automática, UNED
  Juan del Rosal 16, 28040 Madrid, Spain

VirtualLabBuilder Modelica library facilitates the implementation of virtual-labs using only Modelica. It includes Modelica models implementing graphic interactive elements, such as containers, animated geometric shapes, basic elements and interactive controls (see Figure 1). These models allow the virtual-lab developer:
(1) to compose the view; and
(2) to link the visual properties of the virtual-lab view with the model variables.
The interactive graphic interface is automatically generated during the model initialization process. The components of the library contain the code required to perform the bidirectional communication between the view and the model. In addition, VirtualLabBuilder library supports including in the virtual-lab documentation, which is composed of HTML pages.
Figure 1: VirtualLabBuilder Modelica library: a) general structure; and classes within the following packages: b) Containers; c) Drawables; d) Mechanics; e) InteractiveControls; and f) BasicElements.
Download VirtualLabBuilder (release september 2007)
On-line Documentation
Examples of Use
  How to execute these examples: readme.txt
Virtual-labs Description
 boiler.rar Industrial boiler
 hearExchanger.rar Double-pipe heat exchanger
 solarHouse.rar Solar house
 washingMachine.rar Drum-type washing machine

Carla Martin-Villalba
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