Sysquake - Dymosim Interface
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sysquakeDymosimInterface.lml is a set of LME functions intended to be used from Sysquake applications. Its goal is to support the combined use of Sysquake and Modelica/Dymola. These functions synchronize the execution of the dymosim.exe file (generated by Dymola) and the Sysquake application.
  setExperiment and setValues functions write the experiment description to a text file. This text file is intended to be the input file for dymosim.exe.
  dymosim and linearize functions execute the dymosim.exe file in order to simulate and linearize the Modelica model respectively.
  tload and tloadlin functions: (1) read the output file generated by dymosim.exe after a model simulation or linearization respectively; and (2) save these results as variables to the Sysquake workspace. These variables can be used by Sysquake applications.
  getinfo function executes the dymosim.exe file (command dymosim -i) in order to generate the Dymosim input file (dsin.txt). In addition, this function reads the names of the model variables (i.e., inputs, outputs, parameters, states) and their default values from dsin.txt file, and saves them as variables to the Sysquake workspace.
Software Download, Installation Instructions & Examples of Use
  sysquakeDymosimInterface.lml (release June 2007)
  Installation instructions: readme.txt
Examples of use Description
hysteresisController.rar Case Study I: Hysteresis-based controller
chemicalReactor.rar Case Study II: Chemical reactor
heatExchanger.rar Case Study III: Double-pipe heat exchanger
boiler.rar Case Study IV: Industrial Boiler

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