Some Free Modelling & Simulation Resources
Departamento de Informática y Automática, UNED, Madrid, Spain
Dr. Alfonso Urquía
Dr. Carla Martín-Villalba
Dr. Miguel A. Rubio
Dr. Victorino Sanz
Virtual-Lab Implementation using Easy Java Simulations
CellularAutomataLib – Modelling of Cellular Automata
DESLib – Modelling of discrete-event systems. This library contains the following packages:
  ARENALib – Modelling & Simulation of Stochastic Discrete-Event System
  CellularPDEVS – Modelling of Cellular Automata based on Parallel DEVS
  DEVSLib – Modelling of Atomic and Coupled Parallel DEVS
  RandomLib – Uniform Random Number and Random Variates Generation
  SIMANLib – SIMAN Modelling Capabilities using the Modelica Language
    Two versions of the library are available:
  DESLib 1.7 (developed using Modelica 3.2)
  DESLib 1.6.2 (developed using Modelica 2.2)
FuelCellLib – Modelling of Fuel Cells
GGADLib – DEVS Graph in Modelica
GAPILib – Calibration of Modelica Models using Genetic Algorithms
Interactive – Virtual-Lab Implementation (interactive GUI is implemented in C++)
JARA 2i – Modelling & Interactive Simulation of Some Fundamental Physical-Chemical Phenomena
Semaphores – Semaphores Synchronization Mechanism
SPICELib Modelling & Analysis of Electric Circuits
TankProcessLAB – Modelling of Simple Hydraulic Systems (adapted for interactive simulation)
UDPLib – UDP (User Datagram Protocol) in Modelica
VirtualLabBuilder – Virtual-Lab Implementation (interactive GUI is implemented in Java)
sysquakeDymosimInterface – LME functions supporting the combined use of Sysquake and Dymosim. Examples of use

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